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Talent Acquisition is competitive but leveraging Facebook Ads and Google Ads, your brand can stand out and cast a wider net leveraging targeting across advertising platforms.

Talent Acquisition: The Strategic Edge With Performance Marketing

Using Ad Platforms outside the traditional forms of recruiting gives you a strategic advantage of reaching wider audiences and matching targeting and intent. The real differentiator is being able to share your brand story, culture and ethos all within an ad placement that will resonate with candidates.

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Strategic Recruiting Using Search and Social Advertising

Using Facebook Ads for Talent Acquisition embraces the power of Meta’s social media advertising with unparalleled targeting and reach on Facebook and Instagram. Being able to create compelling visual ads that tell the story of why a candidate should work for your company, creates an aspiration talent journey.

Along those same lines, performing Talent Acquisition via Google Ads allows us to harness the power of Google’s Intent Driven Advertising. We can ensure your roles are front and center so you are capturing job seekers who are actively searching for those opportunities. By using this approach and leveraging search terms based on open roles, we make sure your roles are showing up in search results, capturing intent and interest.

Talent Acquisition & Employer Value Proposition

We have talked about the Google Ads Intent and why recruitment advertising on Facebook & Instagram can cast broader net, but they key is Employer Value Proposition. By targeting talent who may have already knows your Brand or giving a passive job seeker an opportunity to engage with your brand outside of a standard job role, provides much greater value. Giving them an opportunity to get excited about the role, the company, and seeing themselves in the role, provides a strategic advantage, unmatched by the standard job posting.

Our Commitment to your Talent Acquisition Process

It goes beyond just filling roles for us, we are dedicated to building and ensuring your workforce is full of quality talent, excited about the prospects of the role they are about to embark on.

  • Cost-Effective Candidate Attraction: By using audience targeting, creating custom audiences, building lookalikes and doing remarketing, we can attract new candidates and consistently targeting them across their new employment journey.
  • Employer Value Proposition: We can not stress enough how creating that value to job seekers is crucial, from the most basic temp roles to executive hires. We give talent the opportunity to envision themselves in a role at your company.
  • Insights and Analysis: With the ability to provide transparent analytics and useful insights, we can reporting beyond just how many saw a job post. We can see what creative resonates, tell the story and iterate on this to drive the best performance possible in landing candidates.

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We strive on contributing to your companies long-term success by creating an Employee Value Proposition that job seekers get excited about.

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We let the intent of your customers drive decision making and our advertising focus.

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The Visible Factors team was a great partner for many years helping with growth, specifically around SEO/SEM. Thanks to the SEO and Content Marketing programs they built, organic traffic has been the number one driver of lead generation at Heymarket.

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Co-Founder & CEO | Heymarket

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