Increased Lead Growth on Google within 12 months.


Decrease in Cost Per Lead ($97 vs. $47)


Increase in monthly lead volume


MoPro is a B2B Small Business Web Platform for businesses to manage their website presence, promote their business, and monitor their social media stats.

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Launched Direct-To-Consumer in

The challenge put on Visible Factors was to take over the ads accounts from previous agencies and turn the account around. The overall goal was to find an efficient demand generation model for their sales team to convert small businesses to using their products and services.

The Focus

Our focus was to reduce their ad bloat and find inefficiencies in their bidding strategies. We were able to reduce the cost per lead on Google by 23% within months and continue to scale on that. Our team also created a Facebook Ads strategy targeting Small Business owners.

The Beginning Stages

By leveraging best practices, within 12 months, we increased lead growth on Google. During the following year, we experienced substantial growth, starting at 1,600 leads in Jan. while we scaled the account from $5,000/month to $11,000/day.

The Results

We were able to continue to help MoPro by driving 8,000 leads per month, with ~47,550 leads total for the year. This was a 381% increase in monthly lead volume. Over the same period, the CPL decreased from $97.47 to $47.91, a 51% decrease.