Launched in 2021, Performance Max Google Ads were launched as a way to use the power of automation and machine learning to make improvements over traditional ad campaigns. In typical Google fashion, these ads have evolved and continue to roll out new features aimed at helping you find new customers, analyze campaign performance, and easily upgrade Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. These Performance Max Google Ads are meant to completely replace Smart Shopping and Local campaigns by Q3 of 2022.

To help you make the most of these new campaigns, we’re taking a look at new Performance Max Google Ads features you should know.

Performance Max Google Ads Features

When it comes to Google Ads, Performance Max campaigns are meant to be a campaign type option that “provides a unified buying service to all Google Ads inventory.” Since their launch in 2021, Performance Max Google Ads campaigns have continued to roll out new features and updates aimed at optimizing their effectiveness for advertisers.

Some of the most recent Performance Max Google Ads features and updates you should know about are:

  • A new customer acquisition goal type
  • Campaign optimization score
  • Expanded customer insights
  • Performance Max experiment tools
  • One-click upgrade tool
  • Burst campaigns
  • Performance Max Google Ads options for hotels

Performance Max Customer Acquisition Goal

Kicking off our list of new Performance Max Google Ads features and updates, we’re looking at the Customer Acquisition goal type. While this goal type is new to Google Ads Performance Max campaigns, it’s not new to Google Ads altogether, giving a familiar option to many advertisers and business owners. Google is making it available to Performance Max campaigns as it progresses in the forced migration to from Smart Shopping campaigns.

The Customer Acquisitions goal type allows advertisers to choose between bidding for more new customers that are similar to existing customers or focusing on optimizations on just new customers to maintain cost efficiency.

Campaign Optimization Score

As Performance Max Google Ads features continue to roll out, one of the newest updates is the campaign optimization score. This doubles down on the automation of Performance Max campaigns by placing automated optimization tips in their most automated campaign type. This new feature is meant to give advertisers helpful tips and recommendations to optimize their campaign for new customer acquisition.

Expanded Customer Insights

One of the previous Performance Max Google Ads features that rolled out were customer interest insights. This was a welcomed update to this campaign type as there were previously no insights like this in Performance Max campaigns. The customer interest insights update allowed advertisers to see search themes that were driving conversions.

In the next update to roll around for Google Ads, Performance Max campaigns will receive additional insights and explanations. What does this mean for advertisers, exactly? The expanded insights for this update include consumer, audience and auction insights within Performance Max campaigns. While not strictly actionable in terms of the campaign type, this data is meant to help advertisers get a better understanding and view of what is driving conversions for their Performance Max Google Ads campaigns.

Performance Max Experiment Tools

Don’t let the name fool you as no, experiments are not going to become part of your Performance Max Google Ads campaigns. That said, the new release of Performance Max Experimentation tools is meant to show how Performance Max campaigns can increase conversions from your existing Google Ads campaigns.

These new tools are not like-for-like comparisons, however. Advertisers need to note that the Experimentation tools take existing “comparable campaigns” and layer Performance Max on top of it to show the potential for increased conversions. It’s also worth noting that the experiments are for non-retail campaigns only.

One-Click Upgrade Tool

Already out as part of new Performance Max Google Ads features to help advertisers with the forced migration from Smart Shopping and Local campaigns, the one-click upgrade tool makes changing over simple. Able to be accessed from the Recommendations page and the Campaigns page, the one-click upgrade tool migrates existing campaigns to new and separate Performance Max campaigns. The best part is that all budgets, settings, and learnings from the previous campaigns will be transferred over, as well.

Burst Campaigns

The next on our list of new Performance Max Google Ads features you should know is the new burst feature. This feature allows users to advertise for a set time frame in order to meet in-store objectives. Users with in-store goals configured will be able to boost seasonal in-person traffic.

Performance Max Google Ads Options for Hotels

Also scheduled for rollout in 2022, Performance Max Google Ads will be adding hotel advertising. With this update, advertisers will be able to promote properties across all Google channels including property-specific queries on Search. The hotel features for Performance Max campaigns will come with pre-populated asset groups for all hotel properties. The original images, descriptions and videos will be auto-generated, though advertisers will have the ability to review and edit property assets, as well.

These new Performance Max Google Ads features and updates are meant to provide advertisers with a mix of inventory and ad formats designed for the modern customer journey. With so much automation available, it can feel overwhelming for business owners who may not be experienced with Google Ads management or know quite how to make the most of available data to maximize conversions. When you’re ready to take your Performance Max campaigns to the next level, contact the Visible Factors team and let’s get started.

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