Even with all of the changes Facebook has undergone in the past few months, it’s still a great place to advertise your business. Ads are affordable and you have the ability to target your “ideal” customers. With billions of people actively using this social media platform, you’re bound to reach the audience you’re looking for.

Facebook ads are an effective and cost-efficient way to reach your target demographic, providing a huge scope of targeting options combined with an enormous daily user base. For this reason, it’s also one of the most competitive ad markets, requiring brands to be smart with their Facebook ad strategy in order to make the most of their advertising budget.

With so much competition and potential, it’s crucial that your brand’s Facebook ads stand out from the crowd and have a sound strategy behind them. What’s the key to effective Facebook ads? Read on as we discuss Facebook ad tips to implement during setup.

Facebook Ads Tips for a Successful Campaign

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook maintains a distant lead over other platforms in terms of ad targeting capabilities and user base. Recent reports show the social media giant has 1.96 billion daily active users. That’s almost 25% of the world’s population! Even with the recent changes to Facebook ad targeting options, it remains a powerful tool for businesses looking to reach their potential customers and use Facebook ads for every stage of the sales funnel.

How can your brands stand out? What makes a Facebook ad campaign successful? If you’re wondering why your Facebook ads aren’t converting or looking for the latest ways to push your brand’s ads ahead of the rest, consider a few Facebook ads tips to implement during setup such as:

  • Setting up your campaign based on your sales funnel
  • Making use of the negative audience list capabilities
  • Setting up a retention audience
  • Creating effective lookalike audiences
  • Experimenting with different Facebook ad formats

Create a Facebook Ad Campaign Based on Your Sales Funnel

First up on our list of Facebook ads tips to implement during setup is to change the way you’re setting up your Facebook ads campaigns. Many business owners set up an ad campaign for the current offer or promotion they’re using. The problem with this approach is that it results in you having many ad campaigns spread across your Facebook Ads Manager, fragmenting your ad spend and leaving precious results on the table. It makes it difficult for Facebook’s algorithm to analyze your campaigns and self-optimize, as well.

So what should you be doing instead? Consider how to create a sales funnel using Facebook ads and build your campaigns based around each stage of the funnel. This approach allows you to better view the success of each campaign at different stages of the funnel and adjust accordingly. Furthermore, you’ll be able to set up multiple offers or promotions at the ad set level, giving the Facebook algorithm the chance to self-optimize and determine which is performing best to allocate your ad budget for better results.

Make Use of Negative Audience Lists

Continuing the process of setting up your ad campaigns based on the sales funnel, the next item on our list of Facebook ads tips is making use of negative audience lists. These audience exclusion lists can be immensely beneficial and increase the relevance of your ad by excluding specific audiences at other stages of the sales funnel.

For example, you may choose to exclude users who have visited your site in the past 30 days, those who have interacted with your Facebook page recently, or existing customers. The strategic application of audience exclusions during Facebook ad targeting is a great tactic to take to narrow down your targeting to fit the different stages of the funnel.

Set Up Retention Audiences

We can’t discuss Facebook ads tips without considering the best ways to maintain relationships with existing customers. Existing customers are the lifeblood of any business. Furthermore, they’re more likely to convert subsequent times if they’re not abandoned after the first transaction. An easy way to stay engaged with this audience following Facebook ads tips like setting up retention audiences.

Creating a retention audience lets you target people who have purchased on your website in the last 180 days (or between 60 to 180 days). It’s an efficient way to re-engage with your current customers and keep the relationship warm. You can use these retention audiences to send targeted Facebook ads, such as special offers or new arrivals they may be interested in from previous behavior.

Creating Effective Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a powerful Facebook target tool that easily takes its place among the best Facebook ads tips. With lookalike audiences, Facebook can create a new ad audience for your business based on existing customers. With it, Facebook leverages the users from a source audience to find Facebook users that are the most similar to them in their interest, behavior and demographics. You can create 1 to 10% lookalike audiences, meaning Facebook will try to find the top 1-10% of users in a country that is the most similar to your source audience. 

Lookalike audiences are useful for furthering the reach of your Facebook ads, increasing the chances of higher engagement and conversions.

Trying Different Facebook Ad Formats

Last but not least on our list of Facebook ads tips to implement during setupis trying different ad formats. Putting together a Facebook ad campaign is more than just writing a caption and putting up an image. Instead, you should be trying different ad formats to see which works best for your brand and advertising objective to create Facebook ads that convert. 

Facebook dictates which ad formats are available to you based on your campaign objective when starting the setup process, making it important to zero in on which stage of the funnel you’re targeting with each. These ad formats are:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Carousel
  • Instant experience
  • Collection

Choosing your ad format carefully opens up a world of opportunity for creating successful ad campaigns. For example, you may increase your chances for conversions by retargeting with Facebook dynamic ads in certain formats. Facebook dynamic ads work with the carousel, single image, and collection ad formats and allow you to target existing customers, warm leads, and new prospects connecting to people at all stages of the sales funnel.

There’s no singular method for setting up an effective Facebook ad campaign. We hope these Facebook ads tips have given you some insight into a few options available to you during ad setup that will make the most of the platform’s expansive targeting capabilities and potential audience. The key to successful campaigns is in the details. Standing out from the noise will put your brand ahead of the rest and achieve greater results.

Need more than just tips, get Facebook Ads Services with real data and insights. Our years of experience can help your brand grow and reach the goals and new successes you haven’t imagined.

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