Facebook Ads Management Services

Using Meta’s Ads Platform, we will plan, execute, and manage high performing Facebook and Instagram Campaigns to grow revenue on a positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Facebook Ads Management Built For Growth

Facebook and Instagram Ads are a must when building out your Performance Marketing funnel because of the sheer size of the audience on the Meta platforms. You can grow your reach, expand on audience sizes, and drive growth from top of funnel all the way to bottom funnel activities.

Managing Meta Ads Platforms, the right way!

The Visible Factors team doesn’t use any fancy tools, outside of the platform itself. With over a decade of experience, running Facebook Ads since inception, we really understand the platform and how to use it to it’s full potential. The platform has plenty data we can derive insights from in order to run successful campaigns.

The Meta Ads platform has plenty of automation tools as well. Depending on what clients we’ve worked with we have seen varying levels of success leveraging Campaign Budget Optimization and Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) for our clients. As we work together, we will decide what type of automation and AI within the platform to leverage, to help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Facebook Ads Management Strategy

Our process starts from the first day we kickoff with our clients, with the goal of understanding what your KPIs are, what goals you have, and what success means. We build out our strategy and plan from there.

Everything we do from there will be driven by data and metrics on how we grow the business. While we are focusing on ads management for Facebook and Instagram, we think about your entire marketing funnel and how it contributes to the bottom line.

While working together, our Facebook Ads Management will include

  • Discovery Call To Identify Audiences, Strategy and KPIs/Goals
  • Media Plan with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaign Breakdown
  • Campaign Budget Planning
  • Audience Identification and Buildout
  • Bid Management and ongoing budget optimization
  • Creative Recommendations
    (Our team can also manage and build out creative)
  • Monthly Reporting and Call(s)

Ready to grow your brand?

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Grow Revenue with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns

Your goal as a business is to grow your bottom line and our data-driven approach to Facebook Ads Management focuses on what is important…revenue.

Full Funnel Approach

We think about every step of the marketing funnel. From top of funnel activities like traffic and awareness campaigns to Retargeting.

We Are Data-Driven

Our process and strategies are driven by data and our decisions are made solely on those. No vanity metrics, just real data to drive growth for your bottom line.

KPI Driven Results

We will work with you setting goals to impact your bottom line through revenue from ecommerce, subscription, or lead generation.

Trusted Facebook Ads Partners

Our team is Partner Certified, Ads Certified and a partner within the Meta Ecosystem. Meaning we know what we are doing and we know how to do it well.

Drive Growth With Facebook Ads

The Visible Factors team was critical in getting our direct marketing program off the ground at a time when internal resources and headcount were limited. The team helped us launch performance marketing and email marketing for our primary brand, and in the four years since those programs launched they have scaled significantly in terms of efficient spend and performance.

Tracy St. Martin

SVP of Marketing | Talent Systems

Ready For Facebook Ads Growth?

With our KPI focused approach, whether it’s Revenue or Lead Generation we will build a full funnel approach to grow your business. Let us show you how we’ve grown many companies and execute that plan for you.

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