I hired Visible Factors to do an SEO audit for our site and he was able to quickly assimilate and understand the goals of our SEO project and provide us with a structured and actionable to do list. I am skeptical of people who call themselves SEO experts, but in this case, I think he truly is one! We have recommended Visible Factors services to many other companies.

Kara Taylor, VP Marketing, Campus Explorer

Tony and his team approach things holistically different in digital marketing. With holistic being the key. He truly understands how the various digital marketing aspects work together to achieve your CPA goal. He is vocal in a very positive way, with great timing. A rare combination. A true expert in his field and an exceptional guy.

Dave Barton, CEO, David Kind Eyewear

Tony has advised Ranker for a few years with regards to SEO, social media, and content marketing, and is a true pro.

Clark Benson, Founder & CEO, Ranker

Tony and his team did an excellent job with detailed keyword research and SEO site audit deliverables for us here at Grokker. Tony quickly understood our business needs and was able to succinctly summarize the actionable “so what’s” and “to do’s” from the very detailed research and audit. This made it easy for the team to get started on addressing the most impactful opportunities.

Deborah Holstein, VP Marketing, Grokker