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About Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is arguably the most well known ticketing platform online selling tickets for sports, concerts, arts & theatre, and more. Ticketmaster is owned by Live Nation and is based in Los Angeles, CA

The Challenge:

SEO Strategy and Technical SEO Audits While Finding New Areas of Opportunity. Audit SEM To Find Efficiency.

Ticketmaster engaged Visible Factors to primarily help from an SEO Strategy perspective to understand the existing and future opportunities for the company while also performing Technical SEO Audits to find large scale site concerns to be addressed. Ticketmaster also asked our team to perform audits and provide insight into Google Ads campaigns and find more efficiency and cost savings without sacrificing revenue.

How We Started

For SEO, we initially wanted to think about things more strategically and wanted to truly understand where (a) the issues were and (b) where there was new opportunity for the company to grow. This lead to a very large keyword research undertaking to understand the intent of the people coming to ticketmaster.com as well as exploring new keyword sets, topics, and themes to identify the opportunities. Also, we spent a lot of time auditing the Ticketmaster website to find technical SEO concerns that could be addressed.

SEM was a very tactical and focused set of audits focusing on each sports league and then concerts. We dug deeply into the campaign setup, keyword targeting, bid strategies, and much more. We provided a monthly audit of each individual theme (e.g. nfl) and walked through the audit with the Ticketmaster team.

What we noticed:

After working with their team we not only noticed technical challenges, but, found many new areas of opportunity in terms of keyword themes focused on “Things To Do”, keywords like “what concerts are in LA this weekend” or “Lakers Games This Weekend”. We also noticed Ticketmaster was severely lacking content and the ability to keep people on the site, which is a big signal now within the search algorithms. With the adwords campaigns we found many items the team could address but the most predominant was overbidding on keywords for the #1 paid ad in Google.

Guiding Ticketmaster

Finding SEO Details Previously Missed

By providing the audits on the technical SEO and SEM side, the teams at Ticketmaster were able to take actionable and tactical insights and apply them to their campaigns or implement them via engineering. There were a variety of SEO items addressed:

  • Primarily focused on improving “tickets” related queries.

  • Technical cleanup: URLs, redirects, on-page content, title / description / heading optimization.

  • Worked with the marketing, SEO and product team to ensure our recommendations were staged into sprints and implemented.

  • Built an SEO Content Strategy for a “Things to Do” initiative focused on capturing location based and higher funnel queries

    (also included technical and on-page SEO)

SEM Auditing To Save Money

While Auditing Google Ads for Ticketmaster, we found a lot of overbidding for priority #1 rankings. This was setup by previous teams who were no longer at the company and were maintained because #1 ad rank was important. We worked with the team to fix all the bid management and automation rules to fix this issue across NFL Tickets and more.

The Results

As a result of the work done, Organic Search (SEO) Traffic increased by 17% in Users & 34% in Page Views, Year-Over-Year.

Along with that, we had a 7.7% Increase in Transactions with a ~2% increase in revenue from SEO. While it sounds small, this equated to ~$2MM Yearly Revenue increases.

By auditing Ticketmaster Google Ads, we were able to save over $500,000/month on NFL targeted keywords like “nfl tickets” by fixing automated bidding strategies and other bid management concerns. This was then applied to all ticketing products and saved Ticketmaster even more yearly on paid advertising.

  • $2,000,000+ Increase in Revenue from Organic Search
  • 7.7% Increase in Transaction from SEO

  • 2% Increase In SEO Revenue

  • $500,000 saved monthly in Google Ads budget

“Visible Factors was crucial in growing identifying opportunities and technical SEO concerns, ultimately increase revenue by over $2MM+ during their engagement. While doing so, their paid search team saved us millions of dollars by fixing our automated bidding strategies.”

Kathryn Frederick

CMO | Ticketmaster

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