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Who Is Sundry?

Sundry is a high-end luxury women’s apparel brand with roots and distribution in large department stores like Nordstrom. The collections are a coastal casual with a certain French chic. Sundry has since been acquired by Digital Brands Group

The Challenge:

Launch Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) for Sundry’s new E-Commerce channel.

Visible Factors challenge was to grow Sundry’s newly launched online store in 2015 by launching their DTC channel via paid media and online advertising. Our goal was to increase revenue and online transactions while maintaining profitability and growing ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

Our Playbook: How We Started

Our focus was building out an efficient and profitable online advertising mix leveraging Google, Facebook, and Remarketing via Adroll (at the time). We used our playbook of building out a tiered advertising funnel beginning with prospecting and broad awareness at the top of the funnel, mid-funnel actions, bottom of funnel events like Remarketing, all the way through to conversions.

How We Scaled Sundry

The Beginning Stages

In the beginning, Sundry’s online store was generating less than $20,000 month and averaging less than 125 transactions monthly. Initially, we launched Google Ads only, running Search, Shopping, and Display coupled with retargeting. Increasing an additional 97 sales transactions through the online store within 30 days. Within 60 days we launched Facebook Ads. Our plan was to start building the top of funnel through broad awareness and prospecting audiences and at the same time we set up dynamic retargeting. Four months in, Sundry saw a 200% increase in transactions.

The Growth Stages

After those first six months, our team got the flywheel going and we really felt like we truly understand the audience and who the Sundry customer was. We were able to leverage all our data and continue to optimize on Sundry’s Facebook and Google campaigns. We found out what creative worked well, what copy worked well, and tested new placements and ad formats to really scale up the Sundry brand.

The Results

Fast forward years later, with only Facebook and Google driving traffic to the online store, sales transactions have increased 7,000%+, an increase of 60X in online revenue including an estimated 400% decrease in cost per acquisition (CPA).

  • 300% Increase in transactions within 6 months. 7000% increase in transactions long-term.

  • 60X Increase in Revenue

  • 400% Decrease in CPA

“We loved the Visible Factors team because we felt they were vested in the Sundry brand. They were always on top of new trends, knew what tests to run, and generated results we never could have imagined while explaining every detail to us the whole way through!”

Emily Chang

Sundry Marketing Consultant

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