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Valet Parking Startup

About LUXE

LUXE, was an On-Demand parking app that would act almost like a valet service for your car. LUXE was ultimately acquired by Volvo.

The Challenge: Launch LUXE in various markets & Grow SEO

Our team was brought on by LUXE to help with their Go To Market Strategy. Our team helped setup all of their Analytics, KPI Goals, Attribution for Mobile App Install tracking and product analytics, Talent Acquisition for Valets, User Acquisition and SEO. The main goal was to grow to new markets and acquire customers.

LUXE: GTM + Growth Playbook

Our primary focus was getting attribution set up so we really understood where our growth was coming from. We set up Tune (as well as other methods) to ensure each campaign was tracked and quickly measured for effectiveness, to understand where to scale.

Since we wanted to own the On-Demand Valet Marketplace, we used a variety of methods in terms of online and digital growth. We tested a variety of channels like Radio Ads, Billboards, and App Install campaigns. We were able to track these efforts leveraging offers, discounts, sign up specials, and through mobile app attribution. While working with LUXE, we also helped them relaunch the site and blog with an SEO Program to increase organic search visiblity.

We worked hand in hand with the communications team, the internal product teams, and we found a system of growth to help grow the company quickly and own the marketplace.

The Results

Thanks to our teams efforts of flooding both digital and offline channels, the LUXE team was able to obtain a Series A round of funding, but more importantly, be the #1 On Demand Valet App. Our efforts led to over 650%+ growth and Luxe ranked #1 for a variety of keywords, Ultimately, this all led to an incredible increase of reservations through the app.

While doing all this, we helped the team fill the demand by leveraging a Talent Acquisition Strategy for Valet growth through Facebook Ads.

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