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Sundry is a high-end luxury women’s apparel brand with roots and distribution in large department stores like Nordstrom. The collections are a coastal casual with a certain French chic. Sundry has since been acquired by Digital Brands Group

The Challenge: Drive Demand Generation Through SEO & Content Marketing

While discussing with the HeyMarket team, we really stressed the efforts around creating great content, not only in the forms of blog posts, but also creating evergreen content around resources. This would be the basis for our engagement while also working through Technical SEO auditing and requirements.

SEO Playbook For HeyMarket

Our focus was to build an SEO Program for Heymarket that centered around Content Marketing with an initial SEO Audit to create a set of recommendations and guidelines. Since the website was sparse with pages and content, our plan was to create a set of landing pages and content that would be the basis of our efforts. Ultimately, we wanted to create relevance around SMS Marketing terms for organic search traffic via Google.

Growing Heymarket’s SEO Program with Content

The Beginning Stages

In the beginning, we built and SEO Audit for the Heymarket team that included recommendations around On-Page SEO Best Practices for existing pages and Technical SEO Requirements. From there, we took a step-by-step approach to content, from landing page recommendations to create and updates to existing landing pages to creating an editorial calendar with intent driven keyword strategies and research. Overall, we wanted to make sure we had a system in place to create a cohesive content marketing strategy that drove SEO growth.

The Growth Stages

After those first six months, we started scaling up our content efforts by building out SEO optimized industry SMS pages like Real Estate, Insurance, and Fitness, but also grew output of quality blog post content that really bolstered our SEO Relevance and Authority. These efforts continued to scale by create a full Resource Page Strategy for SMS resources, templates, and evergreen content to drive traffic growth, but more improtantly, demand generation and leads. We built systems and processes focused on keyword intent and linked together that allowed our growth to take off!

Heymarket SEO Case Study

Heymarket SEO Results

During our time working with Heymarket, we successful built an entire SEO Strategy and Program driven by Content Marketing. By doing so, using our SEO Services, our team grew Heymarket organic search traffic, users, and most importantly MQLs. The SEO Strategy ended up leading Heymarket’s lead generation efforts with organic search driving the most leads and biggest the biggest growth channel. Heymarket ultimately ranked #1 for many of the top SMS related searches and drove hundreds of percent increases in traffic Year-over-Year.

  • 14x Increase in SEO Traffic

  • Largest Lead Generation Channel for Heymarket

  • 450+ Top 10 SEO Keyword Rankings

Amit Kulkarni Heymarket

The Visible Factors team was a great partner for many years helping with growth, specifically around SEO/SEM. Thanks to the SEO and Content Marketing programs they built, organic traffic has been the number one driver of lead generation at Heymarket.

Amit Kulkarni

Co-Founder & CEO | Heymarket

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