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AFRM Clothing Overview

AFRM Clothing, a women’s clothing apparel startup featuring the hottest styles available in season.

The Challenge: Grow AFRMs DTC E-Commerce Revenue

Visible Factors challenge was to grow AFRMs Direct-to-Consumer revenue leveraging performance marketing channels like Facebook Ads and Google Ads. Our primary goals defined during our kickoff was to increase revenue while expanding audiences.

How things Started:

First things first, we had to create a new Google Ads Account, review/audit/setup conversion tracking, help with Google Merchant Center / Facebook Product Catalog and reviewed brand guidelines/creative. While all of that was in progress our team created the Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaign structures based on search Intent and Discovery of interests and past purchasers. We were off to the races!

Scaling AFRM Clothing’s Campaigns

The Beginning Stages

At first, AFRM was was not generating much in terms of online sales and we were instantly able to add to this dramatically. The good news was that we started off with a 303% ROAS within the first 60 days of launching campaigns. We were also able to 2X the number of transactions from the first month to the second, while hitting a 2% Conversion Rate on the traffic coming to the site from new audiences.

The Growth Stages

After the first six months, our team got things moving and grooving by getting AFRMs audiences nailed down and understanding the search terms needed to keep audiences tight. We also kept refining the negative keywords list in Google Ads to ensure the most minimal waste in terms of ad spend. Ultimately, we were really focused on optimizing our campaigns to get the the most profitable campaigns structures built out for the team.

AFRM Clothing: The Results

AFRM Clothing went through a rebrand (from Arrive Clothing) and we were able to take campaigns to profitability within the first few months and scale them from there. Our team consistently updated campaigns, worked with the team on updating Google Merchant Center and Facebook Product Catalogs while testing channels like Snapchat and Pinterest to find new areas of growth, ultimately scaling the channels providing the highest value.

  • 300% ROAS within 60 days of launching campaigns at a 2% Conversion Rate.

  • 220% Increase in Revenue

  • 350% Decrease in CPA

“We loved the Visible Factors team because we felt they were vested in the Sundry brand. They were always on top of new trends, knew what tests to run, and generated results we never could have imagined while explaining every detail to us the whole way through!”

Emily Chang

Sundry Marketing Consultant

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