Your link management strategy is a crucial component of your site’s success in ranking and gaining traffic through search engine optimization. Your strategy should include a variety of tools to help you enhance your site as much as possible — one of the most important of these includes link tracking tools. Your link strategy has a direct impact on the way that your site indexes, and having tools to help automate and optimize your process at any point possible is helpful to your overall site traffic goals. Let’s dig into the best three of the best SEO tools that you can use for link building, and take a look at what each one has to offer your business. 

1. BuzzStream

BuzzStream offers a user-friendly and innovative approach to building a quality SEO linking strategy, covering all of the different ways that you can conduct research, outreach, and tracking in a single, sleek dashboard. 

The service offers live-time updates for your research, keeping you up to date on the latest metrics of site quality and performance for your reference in link-building efforts, allowing you to choose high-quality links to include in your copy in seconds. 

What we loved about BuzzStream is that the service also comes equipped with its own native project management tracking system, as well as built-in email outreach tools that can help you to connect with your prospects on a more personal level, increasing your chance of making a quality connection and link with that person. You are able to send emails within the platform in just a few clicks, and can easily track metrics and demographics that you need to enhance your outreach efforts. 

BuzzStream is incredibly easy to use and great for teams as well, as the software design was focused on clean UI and speed in every step. The part that we can appreciate the most is the accessibility and price points that the service offers, making an effort to appeal to small and large-scale enterprises. 

You are able to trial the service for free for a predetermined trial period, and then you are able to choose any broader plan that you want. We’ve summarized the benefits and costs below. 

  • The Personal Plan, $29.99/mo: With this plan, you get the full experience of the service for one user only. You also have up to 1,000 contacts to use, and access the majority of the benefits that more expensive packages offer. 
  • The Growth Plan, $124.99/mo: In this plan, you get the same perks as the starter plus 3 user-capability and added benefits, such as bulk email send, team template sharing, and more. 
  • Professional & Enterprise Plans, $299-$999/mo: With these options, you can gain up to 6-15 users respectively, as well as tailor your package to suit the needs of your business

Overall, BuzzStream offers a comprehensive suite approach to link tracking and building, which we can appreciate given the singularity of many other tools in the space. 

2. JustReachOut

Outreach is difficult to start, especially if your company is just beginning to explore link creation and strategy. Doing it using a fragmented, decentralized method can be time-consuming and inefficient at best, and overall ineffective at worst. 

JustReachOut is a service that is designed to connect you with the ultimate link builders in the game: journalists. Public knowledge and outreach is vital to your backlink strategy, which is where this service can truly shine. 

This service has the added benefit of working with large-scale companies, such as Hubspot and Wistia — boosting credibility and showing the extent and depth of their offerings. JustReachOut has a flawless UI that allows you to search journalist needs and requests by keyword or phrase, instantly connecting you to industry-specific opportunities. 

Beyond the connections that you can take advantage of with JustReachOut, you can also use the broken link navigator to take a preventative approach to link building — identifying areas of improvement and broken links directly in your own site. 

The tool also has an excellent aggregator that scours the web for product mentions that don’t have relevant links, allowing you to identify new opportunities to build in seconds. 

You can gain access to a 14-day free trial, and then choose from a variety of their available plans based on the needs of your business. Below are the price points and offerings for each: 

  • Solo, $99.00/mo: With this plan, you’ll get a single licensure, basic pitch writing assistance, 250 email sends and PR outreach ability. This is the least expensive option and great for small businesses. 
  • Simple Outreach, $199.00/mo: The main difference between Solo and Simple Outreach is the amount of seats, email sends, and campaigns that you can house under the plan. No other differences currently apply. 
  • Advanced Outreach, $399.00/mo: Using the Advanced Outreach plan, one of the only differences lies in the amount of seats, campaigns, and email sends for this plan as well. You’ll also get hands-on pitch help rather than basic templates and formulas. Overall, this plan is appropriate for large enterprises. 

3. CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO isn’t your average SEO tool. The platform is powered by innovative technology that can help you to easily identify inconsistent or otherwise “shady” links that could hurt your overall SEO score. This tool alone can save you hours of time and lost cost doing link review, and simplify the process down to a few clicks. 

This tool analyzes a site’s backlinks in seconds, offering you the freshest insights and profiling. It’s one of only a few available that provides the historical backlink data on any given site as well, offering you as much info as possible. 

Beyond these two differentiating factors, it also over delivers in all of the other areas you would expect a link tool to cover, including competitor analysis, strategy audits, and lost link notification from competing blogs in your space. 

With CognitiveSEO, you’re eligible for a seven-day free trial. Beyond that, you can choose to sign up for one of three plans, including: 

  • Starter, $129.99/mo: This package includes 200,000 link analyses, five campaigns, and the overall kit of offerings excluding white label services, API access, and Javascript crawling. 
  • Premium, $199.99/mo: The Premium package is ideal for small businesses, and includes every offering excluding API access. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager, more campaign availability, and 1 million link analyses. 
  • Elite, $499.99/mo: This package is ideal for larger companies and includes every product offering, including API access, 25 campaigns, and 3 million link analyses.

This software solution is great for those wanting to focus on analysis rather than outreach. 

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