The ecommerce landscape has grown more competitive than ever as consumer purchasing trends continue to shift to online shopping versus traditional brick and mortar stores. With the recent coronavirus pandemic, not only has online shopping become the only options in some places, but 31.7% of shoppers now report that they will shift entirely to online shopping instead of shopping in stores.

This massive shift paves the way to boost ecommerce sales with strategically planned advertising campaigns. Facebook has reported upwards of 7 million advertisers on their platform, making it a competitive landscape. With an average of 1.79 billion daily users, however, ecommerce brands can’t afford not to learn how to advertise on Facebook effectively. Every ecommerce brand should be using the platform’s extensive targeting options to boost sales with Facebook ads. 

The key to creating Facebook ads that convert for ecommerce sales is creating an engaging ad your customers want to interact with. We’re taking a look at 9 Facebook ad examples for ecommerce that convert.

Facebook Ad Example #1: Frank Body

Our first Facebook ad example for ecommerce wins with a simple image and that speaks a thousand words and a direct connection made with the customer. Humans connect with other humans and resonate with shared experiences. Showing faces is a common tactic in Facebook ads that convert. This image here is relatable to mothers of newborns and resonates with an emotional response to taking care of them.

Furthermore, consumers are looking for connection with brands before purchasing, not just a sales pitch. The ad copy here connects with the customer on a personal level. It’s personal, not sales-y. 

Facebook Ad Example #2: Dollar Shave Club

The next effective method for creating Facebook ads for ecommerce that convert we’ll explore is using questions to evoke a response and boost engagement. Customers want to be part of the conversation with brands, not just the targets of an endless barrage of product images. Dollar Shave Club has opened the floodgates to conversation on the “pink tax” hot topic. Further adding to the effectiveness of this ad is the use of video and a relatable customer anecdote in the ad copy. 

Facebook Ad Example #3: Tudor

Customers respond to exclusivity. It feels good to be a part of something special or own a unique item that isn’t collectively shared by other brands. In this Facebook ad example, Tudor calls on its lengthy brand history and proprietary color option to make the viewer want to be part of the club. Exclusivity can also contribute to the feeling of scarcity, which brings us to our next example:

Facebook Ad Example #4: Beardbrand

This ad by Beardbrand is a prime example of successful tactics used by Facebook ads for ecommerce that convert: scarcity and limited supply. Not only are they banking on nostalgia from their customers, but the ad copy lets them know that the limited supply won’t restock and that this is the only time they can make the purchase. This creates urgency for the customer to complete their purchase immediately in order to make sure they get their product. Limited quantity Facebook ads successfully push impulse purchases.

Facebook Ad Example #5: Bonobos

Creating a special sale is another way for Facebook ads to boost sales for ecommerce brands. Here, Bonobos is offering 15% off first orders, encouraging potential new customers to convert to completed sales while the offer lasts. This tactic works to convert customers who may have otherwise reconsidered before purchasing. The ad copy here is clear and to the point and the image immediately draws your eye to the 15% off deal. 

Bonus Tip: Start your Facebook ad headlines off with odd numbers. Adding a number to the beginning of title copy increases the average CTR by 36%. If that number is odd, CTR increases an additional 20%. 

Facebook Ad Example #6: Lunya

Using a Facebook carousel ad is another effective method for creating a Facebook ad for ecommerce that converts. Using a carousel ad allows you to add up to 10 images in one ad, each with its own link. This method increases the number of items shown in your ecommerce Facebook ad boosting sales opportunities. You can dictate the order or allow Facebook to optimize presentation based on each card’s performance. 

Bonus Tip: Further increase your chances for conversions by retargeting with Facebook dynamic ads. Facebook dynamic ads work with the carousel, single image, and collection ad formats and allow you to target existing customers, warm leads, and new prospects connecting to people at all stages of the sales funnel. 

Facebook Ad Example #7: YogaClub

Creating a Facebook ad for ecommerce that converts requires a strong Call-To-Action (CTA). YogaClub creates mystery in this ad by withholding the sale price and replacing it with a CTA to follow the ad link instead. Humans are curious by nature, so this tactic is great to raise the CTR and increase the chances of conversion. Combined with the strong CTA button on each carousel card, this one is sure to boost the brand’s ecommerce sales!

Facebook Ad Example #8: Warby Parker

This Facebook ecommerce ad is incredibly successful as it uses multiple ad techniques to convert sales. First, they’re using a video ad. Facebook ad videos not only have a higher engagement rate but can also boost conversion rates by up to 20%+ over image ads. The video Warby Parker uses here is also highly effective as it reads like User-Generated Content (UGC) which provides social proof, a highly effective advertising technique. Customers respond to other customer experiences and reviews.

Last on why this is an example of a Facebook ad for ecommerce that converts is that they’re representing new AR technology for their product that allows customers to experience their look before purchasing. This removes the previous drawback to online shopping versus in-person shopping: trying things on. While the ad itself doesn’t sell an item, it leads customers further down the sales funnel and ultimately boosts ecommerce sales by providing an experience.

Facebook Ad Example #9: TOMS

Last on our list of Facebook ad examples for ecommerce that convert is this ad from TOMS. Giveaways are a great tactic for ecommerce ads. While they don’t aim to sell a particular item, they get the customer to their site, increasing the likelihood for sales conversions in the process. Additionally, following the link to the TOMS site gives the opportunity for retargeting customers who did not make a purchase later, giving more chances to increase conversions at another time.

Final Takeaway on Facebook Advertising for Ecommerce

In today’s world, Facebook ads are essential for boosting e-commerce sales. With over 7 million advertisers on the platform and organic reach hovering around only 5.2%, your brand needs to learn how to advertise on Facebook to stay competitive. The key is creating Facebook ads for ecommerce that stand out from the noise and engage with the customer genuinely. Your brand’s Facebook advertising success is built on creating a relationship with your customers. 

Our approach to Facebook Ads Management derives data and metrics directly from within Facebook Ads Manager to provide true insight and make sound decisions. Let’s take the next step in growing your business.

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