If you’re marketing in the B2B space, it isn’t a surprise to you that many companies have chosen to create outreach campaigns and content toward the 4.48 billion active social media users worldwide. Your Facebook Ads are just one of the components of your marketing plan – but can also be one of the most lucrative, with the right strategy. In this article, we explore 5 B2B Facebook ad examples that convert and explain what you can do to add the strategies into your plan today. 


Concise, Clear Headlines 



In the example above, you see a clear call to action for others in the B2B space. Subscription monetization is gaining momentum in the business space, and this is a high-traction keyword that Chargebee has inserted directly into the preview headline of the ad. 


Chargebee has narrowed its demographic down to fellow business owners and entrepreneurs who are fans of automation and process. Presenting their solution in a clear, appealing way to their ideal audience has helped to propel this ad to thousands of homepages on Facebook. 


The copy is concise but still gets the point across: You, too, can enjoy process creation around your subscription monetization plans with no code involved – implying a painless, accessible, and easy way to let your creativity take the reins without the limitations of technical knowledge. This brand messaging is unified, and aligns with the core messaging on their website that features a similarly clean and simple method of outreach. 


Headlines are everything, and often your first (and only) chance to make an impact on your target audience. Investing your time and money into a copywriter can be advantageous to you as they create curated, relevant, and scroll-stopping headlines for your business. 


Video Content To Boost Engagement 



It’s official – Facebook video ads are dominating newsfeeds around the world and are casually inserted into your timeline, your Facebook Watch scrolling, and anywhere else that Facebook and the ads manager decide. 


Videos are strong assets for marketers to use, as they tend to get the best engagement out of any other Facebook ad style. This is true for both the B2C and B2B space. 


Integrating videos into your marketing plan can show you what is resonating with your clients in the B2B space – and the shorter they are, the better. Your engagement rate goes up with each view, and can be boosted with short, succinct, and engaging videos that encourage your audience to either participate or buy the service or product. 


In Shipt’s case, it appeals to a large audience. Short on party supplies for your upcoming office event? Done. What about your personal life that you’re striving to balance? Have you been to the store? Done in an instant. This 15-second video appeals to a variety of audience types with one single clear message: Shipt saves you time no matter what your life is like. Here’s how. 


End-Goal Oriented Copy 



Another ad sample from Chargebee above shows that goal-oriented copy can be your ticket to success in the B2B space. You’re going to be aligning your messaging in a way that will impact recruiters, executives, or other employees in your industry. That’s why you need efficient, poignant messaging that will get your point across in a way that motivates them to stay on your ad. 


Chargebee starts strong with the end goal: building brand loyalty and revenue via the pre-existing idea of subscriptions. Due to how Facebook’s algorithm functions, you will likely be seen by a variety of entrepreneurs whether or not they are currently seeking to monetize subscription services. If they are, this copy is effective. If they aren’t this copy is still very effective, and may encourage them to consider partnering with Chargebee when they start. 


Use a Single, Accessible Call To Action (CTA) 



Every good Facebook ad enhances your expertise in the industry and establishes credibility by promoting you to a thought leader in your respective space. ClickFunnels walks the line with this and uses a “how-to” approach in your copy, coupled with a relevant and accessible CTA.


That’s not all – they imply in their copy that with their mentorship, you could be reaping the benefits of a fully launched business in 14 days and turn a profit. For many, especially given the current climate, this is the exact end goal they want to achieve. ClickFunnels is clearly establishing themselves as industry experts and guides to help them get there. 


ClickFunnels already established their demographics when building and programming their ad preferences – and written outstanding copy. They close the ad with a simple CTA: 


Tap “Learn More” to get started.


That’s a singular tap and you will then be introduced to the possibility of owning your own business and finally escaping your 9 to 5. 


Using a powerful but simple CTA that is accessible to all of your users is one of the hallmarks of an effective Facebook ad. 


Split Test Your Ads With Different Audiences 



GRIN is speaking to different audiences with potentially 2-5 different ad copies. 


By taking advantage of your audience differentiation settings in the ads manager, you can create powerfully relevant copy that speaks to different levels of audiences. For example, GRIN may create relevant ad copy for… 


  • Social Media Managers 
  • Influencers 
  • Chief Marketing Officers 
  • User Experience Experts 
  • Developers and Programmers 
  • Survey Entities 


The possibilities are endless – but the main lesson to be learned is that no singular ad copy is created equal. Pouring time into creating tailored variations of your ads for every demographic will result in higher engagement and a higher CTR. 

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About the Author: Christina Levandowski

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