When launching your business ads, it can be overwhelming to begin the optimization process. Many business owners are looking for new ways to save time on daily processes – which is where the power of automation can help. In this article, we’ll be exploring 5 key automation tips that you can use to optimize and streamline your Google Ads process. 


What Is Automation? 

Automation is a system-driven process that can enhance efficiency in your business. Repeatable, daily tasks can be done automatically via powerful systems, software, or by team members given standard operating procedures and KPIs for the task. You can save hundreds of hours per month by taking advantage of automation that is available to you in any form. Many tasks can be automated in your business, especially marketing tasks. If you aren’t sure where to start with automation, consider making a list of repeatable tasks that take up time in your daily business practice. Generally, these will look like sales tasks, administrative tasks, lead nurturing tasks, and marketing tasks. From this list, you can consider what to outsource, and research software that can assist you in doing so.


5 Tips To Automate Your Google Ads 

Automating certain components of your Google Ad process can not only save you time but can also help you to create replicable success once you find a strategy that works for you. Below is a list of our 5 top tips you can use to automate your Google Ad campaigns. 

Utilize Google Ad Customizers in Google Ads 

The Google Ads panel comes with a few built-in automation tools of its own. The Google Ad Customizer allows you to add dynamic content and have it be tailored to different locations that you are targeting – all through automatic processes. You can enjoy enhanced scalability with tens or hundreds of different variations for your audience groups with a streamlined, individual, and accurate reporting process. 

Boost Conversions With Smart Bidding In Google Ads 

The bid process doesn’t have to be complicated. You can use Smart Bidding tools and current raw data to automate your bidding process and deliver relevant and tailored results that are perfect for your ideal audience. Manual bidding takes time away from higher-level marketing tasks that you could be doing to advance your business. For this reason, Smart Bidding is another tool that the Google Ads panel recommends that you use to save valuable time on account maintenance and optimization. 

Optimize Your Code Using Google Scripts 

Google has released a rich code library that allows you to copy and paste Google-recognized scripts – saving you countless hours of process and button-pushing. With just a few keystrokes, scripts can let you adjust and optimize your current bids, automate negative keywords, and perform helpful audits. Instead of following the manual processes, you can simply upload a script in a few clicks and save minutes off of your repeated tasks. Beyond this, scripts can help you to reinforce your rules process and streamline your workflow to keep you doing higher-level tasks. This list isn’t comprehensive – these are just a few of the things that scripts can bring to your business! Investing the time in learning script automation can save you long-term hiring costs and add hours back into your day. 

Use Dynamic Search Ads to Create Your Copy 

Using spin tools can put you at risk for irrelevant copy or incorrect structure for your Google Ad. You can use Google’s dynamic search ad feature to help you instantly create several headlines, descriptions, and more copy-based components for each of your ads. If you don’t have the resources or time to hire and train a copywriter, this tool can help you to create and publish ads in half of the time. 

Create Your Rules 

Google Ads allows you to create rules that allow you to tailor your content and automate your process for the future. This can be especially helpful once you discover which campaign styles and ad types your ideal audience responds well to. Common rules that marketers use include pausing low-performing ad structures or keywords, increasing or decreasing your bids, and more. Rules can always be changed, allowing you the flexibility that you need to tailor your approach for the highest return on your investment. 

Automation Can Boost Your Conversions 

The automation options that Google Ads has provided to users allow you to optimize your campaigns for the maximum return on investment and in a way that is tailored to your unique buyer. When you invest the time in process automation, you add more hours to your day to provide value elsewhere – such as operations or other marketing tasks. You can use several tools in the Google Ads console to assist you, such as Google Scripts, Ad Customizers, and Smart Bidding. For more information on how you can market like a pro, contact us today.

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About the Author: Tony Adam

Tony Adam is a serial technology entrepreneur, investor, and Fractional CMO. He is currently the Founder & CEO of Visible Factors a Digital Marketing Agency providing Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands, startups and large organizations services around growth and online marketing principles like SEO, Google Ads, Meta Ads, and Email/Lifecycle Marketing. Prior to Visible Factors, Tony founded Eventup, an Event Venue Marketplace and grew to 12 cities and over $1MM top line revenue in under one year. Throughout his career, he has worked with early stage startups, SMBs, Fortune 500 companies and high-profile brands including Yahoo!, PayPal and Myspace.
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