Social Media Marketing

Wondering where to start with Social Media for your company? There are many options with all the buzz about Facebook or Twitter, but, other people talk about Digg or StumbleUpon being great for traffic? The truth is, you don’t really know what you need until you’ve understood your industry, listened and developed a strategy.

Developing a Social Media Strategy

We’ll work with your internal teams to develop a Social Media Strategy that will focus on goals and outcomes that your business needs to succeed. Along with that, we’ll help you decide on the social media tools to automate, listen/monitor, and provide metrics on your social efforts.

Social Media Content Promotion, Audience, and Community Development

Our teams span various Social Networks, Communities, and Social News sites. This gives us the ability to promote content through many of these sites. We’ll also work with your teams to train them on engaging with the Social Web through Twitter and Facebook Fan Pages.

Along with that since our knowledge spans many verticals, we can define strategies and features that will attract new users, increase engagement, and build your community.

Blogging and Content Creation

Whether you have a creative team or you need content creation resources, we’ll deliver the content that wins on various Social Media channels. We can work with your internal team on brainstorming content ideas and make recommendations on what works on the Social Web. If you don’t have resources, we can train your business on how to create content that will help supplement your business.

Social Media Consulting to Build Traffic and Visibility Goals

visiblefactors is all about creating visibility, traffic, and helping you achieve business goals. With our Social Media Strategy and services, we’ll become an extension of your business that will help you get the job done!

Contract us today!

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