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SEO Consulting & SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a core principal of our marketing programs. We believe that all of your marketing efforts can create a positive impact on SEO. This is why we take a completely holistic approach to SEO.

And, of all marketing channel, online or offline, it still has the highest ROI. We focus on results and ROI, which can come in a variety of forms. We don’t just look at rankings in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) or traffic from search engines, we look at those … plus more.

Our Process:

Our process really focuses on the core SEO best practices. We believe building a great product that is friendly to search engines, is the core of your search marketing efforts. We focus on a process that allows your business to flourish long term, instead of shortcuts that don’t drive results.

Every SEO Strategy is Unique:

Every client we work with is different from another, which is why we tailor our approach and process to every client. E-commerce companies and content companies rely on vastly different approaches to search engine optimization. When we start working with you, we spend time understand your company and your industry.

We strive to create a unique SEO strategy with everyone we work with and why we are so successful with our clients.

SEO Strategy & Assessment:

Our SEO assessment document provides all of the research and insight we put into SEO and allows us to create a strategy specific to your company. We take our unique approach to seo keyword research to understand the head terms, midtail phrases, and long tail keywords important for your industry. This will help us also understand the opportunity and potential impact we can make on the business.

Once we have a grasp on the data, we analyze search results, review competition and the content. This allows us to come up with an SEO strategy for your business and an action plan you can use.

SEO Audits:

Our SEO strategy and assessments guide us and allows us to work with our partners smartly and efficiently. Once completed, we can then focus on the tactical plans and things to get done. This is where our SEO audit comes in.

Our audits provide tactical feedback for product, technology, and marketing teams to integrate SEO best practices. We don’t just tell you what’s important or what a title tag should look like. Our team creates actionable feedback and templates your team can implement, right away.

Our SEO Audits include:

  • On-Page SEO Guidelines
  • Meta Data (title tag, meta description) Templates
  • URL Templates and Guidelines
  • Site Architecture
  • XML Sitemap recommendations and templates
  • Crawling and Indexing requirements and fixes.
  • Internal linking strategy, templates, modules, and examples
  • External linking strategy, outreach, and creation
  • Content Marketing & SEO best practices
  • … much much more …

SEO Training

Since our team has extensive experience dealing with all different types of organizations, we can train teams of any size, large or small. Our trainings can range from including the basic SEO principles around why SEO is important, to help your InHouse SEO Program to more specific and detailed trainings. We can even provide trainings to distinct parts of your organizations like Editorial SEO Training and Technical SEO Training. We want to help educate your teams on all the SEO principles needed to drive you to meet your goals!




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