Facebook Like Button: Now with Meta Data and Thumbnails

Well, it turns out that Facebook has included all of the meta data and thumbnail info for the like button around the web. This is great news for publishers as it gives the content that we and/or our users “like” more visibility in the Facebook stream. Along with that, it will likely greatly reduce the clutter that we see from around the web with share implementations, many publishers still have the facebook share and like button on their site. Time to clean up your UI!

I noticed the change this morning when I liked a TechCrunch article by Alexia Tsotsis about the epic Crush Notifier app for Facebook. So, as always in my morning reading, I liked it, and bam, there it was:

Previously the likes on Facebook wouldn’t even make it into the stream, it would only show up on your profile. A couple weeks ago I started noticing it in the stream, but, it was just the link and no thumbnail or meta data. Here is what you would see previously on the profile:
Old Facebook Likes

The only way to get the thumbnail and meta data was if someone commented on the item on your blog/website:
Like Comment

Anywho, I waited a little more and then liked another type of content, the Kim Kardashian profile on Myspace. And, here it is, again in the Facebook stream:
Kim Kardashian Facebook Like

My guess is that this will dramatically improve the clicks that publishers and sites receive through the Facebook stream. Along with that, as we’ve known for sometime, Google and Bing have been using Social Signals for search rankings. I recommend removing Facebook Share implementations and start giving those like buttons more prominent placement on those pages!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or if you have noticed anything different, since I just noticed the change this morning, would love to know if this is a test or full release. Don’t be shy, let’s get a convo going on pro’s, con’s, SEO benefits, etc.

Update: Mashable has written a post that confirms this and stay up to date with the news on Tech Meme