Moving back to Los Angeles for MySpace!

For the last couple weeks, I've been tweeting a ton about "big decisions" that are on the horizon. The truth is I came to a major cross roads career wise and geographically. I had to evaluate where I was going and what I was doing career wise, but, also had to look at personal happiness. With that, came the decision to leave BillShrink to join MySpace. Why leave BillShrink? First, why am I leaving BillShrink even though they are one of the hottest startups I know? I ...


Happy Thanksgiving to all!

I wanted to take a minute out of my very busy family oriented day to write a blog wishing everyone a happy thanksigivng to you and your families! I also wanted to thank some people have been pretty inspirational to me and been there for me throughout my VERY tough and busy journey in my still young career and my life! Without all of you at some point and time I would have never made it through the adversity. First and foremost, my sisters and brother-in-law for keeping me going and letting me know that they are there for ...


My own domain name!

So I am shocked! I had no idea that was available! So I decided to go ahead and buy it and now I am using that for my blog site. Which, either way, i'm much happier with WordPress then I am TypePad. I guess i'm just spoiled when it comes to my geek toys! HaHa. Anywho, I'll be using this for now! Subscribe to it! There will be tons of changes!

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