Another #twitterfail? – Twitter turns on Mobile Notifications for Users

So today I was going on about my business when I got like 10 sms messages in a row from Twitter. For no absolutely reason at all either. Then I was like…what the heck is going on? So I looked at who I was getting the text messages from and realized, these seem like people that I would have notifications on for.

But, wait a second, I haven’t turned on mobile notifications in a LONG time. I guess Twitter is at it again!

So, I logged into my mobile settings and saw

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So, I quickly updated my settings so my phone would stop buzzing away like crazy. And, of course, like a good Social Media person (or something like that…) I did a quick twitter search to see that it wasn’t just me, oh no, it was everyone as it seems!

So, whatever happened to @biz saying that he was going to communicate things a little bit better. Expect to see a post from him on the Twitter Blog. But, I have to agree with one of the tweets sent out, you’d think by now twitter would have their act together with regard to SMS.

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  • Andrew Warner

    I should just take my phone number out of their system. There’s no point in it any more.

  • Michigan Web Designers

    I never gave them my mobile number. way too much coming in from them anyway!

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