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PubCon 2008 Wrap Up: The topics, community, and moving forward

Another PubCon in the books! We are all a little bit tired, a little bit wired (at least I am! Still!), and/or missing it already (which again, I am!). Either way, I am pretty sure I can speak for most when I say, it was a great time had by all.

The great topics discussed:

Being an Effective SEO within your organizationOur panel seemed to be a hit with the audience! I couldn’t be happier about the crowd, the other panelists, and the experience overall. Oh, and also, Lisa Barone highlighted what an epic dork I am in her live blogging coverage of the session. Finally, I have uploaded my presentation for everyone interested: Being an Effective SEO within your Organization

“Video is going to be the next big thing…” – I heard this from a few people this year, including the Sith Lord himself (I had to!…lol), Michael Gray. But, someone mentioned that has been the case for some time now (sorry I forgot who it was! Next conference, I’ll buy you a drink!) So, this brings me to wonder, how will video tie into the overall search mix.

So many great Site Reviews! – I attended some of the live site reviews and was in one with Matt Cutts, Nathan Buggia, Greg Boser and Todd Friesen. Each and every site review seemed to be awesome and had so many informative and even funny moments.

Link Building Srategies - Been noticing so many interesting things and dissecting so much from Link Building that it seems to get more and more interesting. The main thing that I have noticed is how important Social Media is and how intertwined it is with Link Building Strategies. So much so, that on our site review, Nathan and Matt both brought it up as a way to acquire good, high quality links to sites (granted, we already knew this, but, it is becoming essential now). Actually, Brent Csutoras tweeted about this during a the link buying panel.

Speaking of which! “Strategic Media Buys” (read as: *cough* paid links *coughs*) has been such a highly debated topic lately and there was a great panel on this featuring Rand Fishkin and Aaron Wall. Many strategies were discussed including flat out “Buying Links” and ways to buy links without actually “buying links”…like sponsorships, donations, etc.

Google is making more of a point to stress SEO – Google is really hyping up SEO to webmasters with its beginners style SEO guide that they have posted on their Webmaster Central Blog. Adding more and more to the “non evilness” of the SEO community. Google stressing SEO FTW! What’s next…Matt Cutts becomes an SEO?! Wait…that would be totally unfair…I’m just sayin…

The Search and Social Media Community

The community is stronger, even through adversity in some areas:

I don’t want to go to far into the negative about this and I hate to bring it up in my wrap up of PubCon, because I truly LOVE our community. But, that said, I saw a bit more immaturity and gossip than I would have expected. I guess this is to be expected of such a competitive group of young and talented individuals. But, it is strikingly similar to the Web 2.0 generation that disgusts me. I would love nothing more than us to step up and not take part in that BS.

Moving on to the positive, and a HUGE positive it is, the the community is growing. I will continue to say this, but I love that the majority is so open and accepting. I always say that my favorite part of conferences is the networking that is had within it. I got to connect with great people during the conference, at events, and even on a more personal and fun note at the SEOmoz SearchSpam event. And, as always, PubCon Classic gave me a chance meet new people and grow on some great relationships. Talking to people about challenges in search, to inhouse SEO management issues, etc. all makes the conference worth while in and of itself. Since joining this industry/community I would want nothing else than to continue to grow as a Search Marketer and Entrepreneur in the fields of Search and Social Media. You are all such amazing people and it is because of you I keep pushing and growing. :)

My respect for live bloggers has grown tremendously in this conference and what they do after watching Lisa Barone shuffle from session to session and cover them all remarkably. I sat next to her in two sessions, watching her cover them and doing such a great job through all the live blogging adversity. Well done Lisa!!

Moving on from PubCon and looking forward:

Build on the energy from what you have learned and relationships you’ve built and make progress. We have all learned a little bit of something and met at least one other person during out time at PubCon together. Use that to your advantage and build on it all. Now, don’t use people…use what you have learned to become a stronger person. Take all the tips and tricks that you have learned and apply them where you can, when you can. Build on the people you have met by staying in touch. Follow them on Twitter and add them to LinkedIn and Facebook. Stay in touch with people and continue on your conversations. Grow your skills and grow your network. That is the best advice that I could give anyone.

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  • http://www.sugarrae.com deanna debara

    Great wrap up of the conference :) I’m half tired half wired but 100 percent pumped on all I learned and all the great people I met.

  • http://www.tonyadam.com/blog tonyadam

    Thanks Deanna! Love that energizing feeling! :)

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ Michael D

    I didn’t hear much gossip but It’s likely because I’m not “in” the industry as much as you. That being said, it was a great event, and I came home with fresh motivation for 2009.

  • http://www.purposeinc.com purposeinc

    I just finally got home from Pubcon!

  • http://www.streko.com streko

    It was great meeting ya, bro.

    Keep in touch.

  • http://www.jordankasteler.com Jordan Kasteler (Utah SEO Pro)

    You gave a very good presentation Tony! thanks for posting the powerpoint

  • http://www.tonyadam.com/blog tonyadam

    @purposeinc was great seeing you DK! You are an exceptional person!

    @streko great meeting you too brother!

    @jordan thanks man! definitely appreciated! You da man! :)

  • http://copybrighter.com Brett Borders

    Man, oh, man… I wish I went to #pubcon!

  • http://www.seomoz.org/ Jane

    It was great seeing you there. I had a fantastic time: it was everything Pubcon always promises to be :)

  • http://www.ignitesocialmedia.com Brian Chappell

    Great to finally meet you Tony – Pubcon is always a blast!

  • http://www.celebrityclothingline.com Jenise

    There was gossip?!? Aw what’d I miss ;) Anyways good job Tony on the wrapup. As for my experience, who says you can’t mix work with pleasure? Pubcon, especially the networking, was super fun. I hope next year is just as good.

  • http://www.reemabeidoh.com Reem Abeidoh

    I really enjoyed Pubcon. I got to meet some incredible people. At the conference, many people noted how the community has evolve significantly.

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